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T-Shirts Store

Hello and welcome!  Thank you to much for clicking on this link to check out my t-shirt store.  All the t-shirts comes in a variety of colours, sizes and designs.  Prices have been drastically reduced for the opening of this store.

This first design is for people who have a hard time pronouncing the word ROTI.  I have heard many say "RO TIE".  The images on the t-shirt make pronouncing the ROTI easier.  What do you think? Click on the image to get more information on the item.

What does food coma means?  It is a state of sleepiness that you feel after consuming a large amount of food in one sitting. I grew up knowing this state as niggeritis.

During COVID-19 quarantine, many people were eating more than usual and I thought this wording was perfect for this t-shirt design.  Click on the image for more details.

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