Thursday, May 2, 2019

5 Foods That I Miss From Trinidad And Tobago

Hey hey hey folks I am back on Tortola British Virgin Islands after being in my home country, Trinidad and Tobago for a period of two months (2019).  So in this blog I decided to share with you 5 foods that I miss from Trinidad And Tobago.

Of course as you would guess, I must start my list with doubles, a popular Trinidad and Tobago street food.  You can find these doubles vendors basically at every street corner.  I don't get this street food on Tortola so each time I visit home - Trinidad, I must get my doubles fix.  I did two videos where you would see me eating some doubles.  The first video is when my son-in-law and I made a road trip to Knollys Tunnel in Tabaquite and along the way we stopped at Londenville to get some doubles from Mike's Hot Doubles And Pies.

I really enjoy a good flaky pastry and I get those types of pastries in Trinidad and Tobago.  The pastries that I get on Tortola British Virgin Islands is more of a bread like consistency.  One of my favorite pastries that I like to buy when I am in Trinidad is Cream horns. The pastry is shaped into a cone and filled with a cream filling! Yummy!!

Roti - dalphori and bus up shut that I get in Trinidad is so moist, thin and light.  Yum!!  I prefer bus up shut.  I have been to Hosein Roti Shop in Trinidad and their roti is always good.  We get roti in Tortola British Virgin Islands but it is not as light as the ones in Trinidad.  Bus up shut is a rare sight.  Check me out eating a goat roti from Charlie's Cafe in Tunapuna.  CLICK HERE.

You probably think that it is strange that chicken is on my list.  Let me explain why by sharing my story.  My mother loves Chinese food so one day we went to a Chinese restaurant to get of of their delicious Chinese dishes and to me the chicken tasted exceptionally good!!!  Then I realized that there are many chicken raring farms in Trinidad and Tobago so the food outlets can get fresh chicken on a regular basis.  In the British Virgin Islands, we import chicken and many other food items.  So the chicken we eat on a day to day basis is not fresh so you will definitely taste the difference in the chicken.

Mango Anchar
I love mango anchar.  This is a salty, spicy snack that I totally enjoy.  You can also serve it as a side with a traditional Trinidad and Tobago meal.  The brand that I particularly like is made by Paula's.  One time I purchased a bottle of mango anchar from a grocery store and it was dry and too salty for my liking.  Each time I go to a particular pharmacy store in Petit Bourg, in the northern part of Trinidad, I must pick up a few packs of this mango anchar.  Its a pity I did not get any to bring to Tortola British Virgin Islands.  The reason I don't really travel with these items is I feel that these foods items will be taken from me at the airport's customs department.

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